Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Maryland wind farm projected to kill more bald eagles than DDT |
Maybe EPA will ban the wind farm? Where’s Bill Ruckelshaus?
The Science of Deception | The Resilient Earth
While this study is interesting and useful in its results, it is clear that the authors tried to spin the results into a prop for the failed AGW theory.
Eight years of cooling means little. But who knew of it? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
[Jo Nova] And here’s the political point: how many of the policy makers, the media, or the public are even aware of the current trend? Approximately no one. I’ll bet even most skeptics didn’t know it.
Climate change: not just us
For us in the sunny North, though, this is the fifth bout of snow this season, with one session having lasted well over a week. We have not experience conditions like this for more than 20 years, and I can't remember when we last had snow this late.

With that, it doesn't matter what the warmists say. They really have lost the public argument. And when the lights go out, I suspect it will be open season for greens. And the more they parade their propaganda, I guess the worse it will be for them.
Phil Jones Provides Another NOAA Smoking Gun | Real Science
NOAA turned a cooling trend into a warming trend by massively tampering with the raw data, as seen below. They cooled 1936 and 1934 by almost 1.5 degrees, in an important propaganda effort to make it look like global warming was affecting the US.

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