Sunday, March 03, 2013

Michael Mann digs in deeper: Caught in December 2012 using truncated data that ended in 2005, he produces a poorly-written rant suggesting that McIntyre and Watts are "professional climate change deniers"

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[Michael Mann] As professional climate change deniers become increasingly irrelevant and desperate, so do their distraction and smear efforts. These are mostly just noise in the background these days, as the media increasingly appears to be recognizing the intellectual bankruptcy of the industry-funded climate change denial effort and those who do its bidding. Occasionally, though, I will debunk the most egregious of the smears and falsehoods, both to set the record straight, and to arm readers w/ the information necessary to evaluate the credibility of the various actors in the climate change denial campaign...At that point I will be updating my lecture slides, many of which are indeed somewhat out of date.
Mike’s AGU Trick « Climate Audit
The staleness of Mann’s temperature data in his AGU presentation was really quite remarkable: the temperature data in Mann’s presentation (December 2012) ended in 2005! Obviously, in the past (notably MBH98 and MBH99), Mann used the most recent (even monthly data) when it was to his advantage. So the failure to use up-to-date data in his AGU presentation is really quite conspicuous.

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