Saturday, March 30, 2013

Truly delusional warmist Doug Craig on climate skeptic blogs: "Each of their postings contains words and assertions but no evidence, sources, or facts that can be checked"

What deniers of climate change must deny
Deniers of climate change must reject the entire scientific enterprise in order to cling to their denial while lying to themselves and others about their own behavior. They cannot even admit to their own truth let alone anything external to themselves like whether the climate is warming and what might be causing it.

My proof is evident in any denier posting anywhere in the world. Each of their postings contains words and assertions but no evidence, sources, or facts that can be checked.


David Flick said...

Craig wrote, "Real science is open, transparent and honest. All scientists are free to examine our sources and test our findings.

Poor guy, I feel sorry for him. He apparently hasn't read the Climategate emails. Someone needs to inform him that Michael Mann, Phil Jones, were anything BUT "open, transparent and honest." Furthermore, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to detect James Hansen's dishonesty, considering all of his manipulation of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies records...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr Craig is doing a balance of your beliefs. Perhaps he don't want be a kind of "neo-denier". Your inflammable discourse is typical of desperate peoples. Lets give him a time. Is the treatment.

David Flick said...

Speaking of Mann's venture into "open, transparent and honest" climate science, here's the real truth of the matter:

Nuff said...

Anonymous said...

As Alarmism goes down the plughole, stupid men like Craig will attempt a defence of the indefensible.

In so doing, they will highlight their own shortcomings, they show themselves up, proving their infantilised desperation.

In the end, hackneyed dolts like Craig only succeed in actually making the opposite confirmation - ie, that the Man Made Scam, or anthropomorphic emissions of CO2 do not cause, never will cause the climate to destruct through runaway warming.

Get over it Craig and now get a life; MMGW is dead, in fact it never lived but existed only in the minds of politicians and green adherents like yourself.

Sure, the climate changes [hasn't it always?] but man is an observer not even an instrumentalist and never the orchestrator.