Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Different Perspective on Trenberth’s Missing Heat: The Warming of the Global Oceans (0 to 2000 Meters) in Deg C | Bob Tisdale
in terms that most people are familiar with, temperature, the warming of the global oceans since 1955 was a minute change
Experts : Record Snow And Cold Due to (Non) Missing Arctic Ice | Real Science
Climate experts have exposed themselves again as being completely incompetent – by blaming the cold and snow on a phenomenon which is not happening and wouldn’t make any sense as a cause even if it was happening.
It would be impossible for scientists to be more incompetent than the hockey team.
Declining Spring Snow Cover Update | Real Science
2013 is bringing record spring snowfall to the Rockies, only two years after the previous record spring snowfall.

Bob Berwyn is buried in snow in Vail. I wonder if he remembers two years ago?
C3: Stuck-On-Stupid: Majority of Mainstream Journalists Too Stupid To Recognize Failure of CAGW Climate Science
or decades, the mainstream journalists have dutifully reported hysterical alarmism generated by a minority of scientists dedicated to the concept of human CO2-caused catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW)...this style of sensationalist, tabloid "climate science" journalism however is dependent on either a condition of stuck-on-stupid mentality or a highly biased, politically motivated political agenda, not on scientific empirical evidence
IPCC Co-Chair Thomas Stocker Flunks Major Swiss Interview – IPCC Science Hanging From Its Last Thread
The Stocker interview not only exposes misleading science, but also provides good hints as to how the IPCC intends to approach its 5th report.
2010 : Ehrlich/Gore Inspired Terrorism | Real Science

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