Friday, April 12, 2013

Carbon may fall below 1 euro if vote blocks EU plan
LONDON, April 12 (Reuters) - European Union carbon permits could fall below 1 euros a tonne if the European Parliament votes against a Commission plan to remove some permits from the Emissions Trading System (ETS), analysts at IHS Global said.
400,000 Lost Jobs by 2016 — Heritage Study of Boxer-Sanders Carbon Tax Proposal
Using an energy model derived from the Energy Information Administration’s National Energy Model System (NEMS), the Heritage scholars calculate that, compared to a no-carbon tax baseline, the Boxer-Sanders proposal would:

Reduce the income of a family of four by more than $1,000 per year.
Reduce employment by more than 400,000 jobs in 2016.
Crews recover body of Utah avalanche forecaster killed in snow slide | The Salt Lake Tribune
Search and rescue workers located and recovered the body of a state avalanche forecaster early Friday morning, about six hours after he had been reported missing in a Big Cottonwood Canyon snow slide.
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