Wednesday, April 03, 2013

President Obama should talk about climate change. A lot.
activists could make clear to candidates seeking Democratic nominations in 2014 (when candidates are particularly responsive to party pressure) that detailed, vocal positions on climate are a top priority.
Migratory birds will not survive continuing cold weather -  Austrian Times Online News
Ornithologists are warning that icy temperatures, snow and strong wind are extremely stressful for migratory birds. If the thaw period does not start soon, many of the birds will die.
... The combination of extraordinarily long frost, snowfall and the lack of food takes away the birds’ energy.

Several hundred dead song thrushes have been found in Styria and Lower Austria.
However, many birds die from starvation. Ornithologists like Hans-Martin Berg from the Natural History Museum Vienna have never experienced this in Austria before.
Twitter / WarrenPearce: Just gave paper on climate ...
Just gave paper on climate critics like @aDissentient & @clim8resistance as "Uninvited Public" at #BritSoc13 #STS stream. Good feedback.
Is the carbon price floor going to push 60,000 households into fuel poverty? | Carbon Brief
The extra cost of the policy is expected to to push the wholesale price of electricity up by 17 per cent in the next three years, according to the thinktank the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR), with that cost passed on to the consumer - pushing more households into fuel poverty.

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