Thursday, May 09, 2013

Dennis Miller Slams 'Phony,' 'Detestable' Al Gore, 'Everybody Should Shun' | NewsBusters
Appearing for his regular "Miller Time" segment on FNC's The O'Reilly Factor on Tuesday, comedian Dennis Miller denounced former Vice President Al Gore as a "detestable cat" and "a phony," as he recommended that "everybody should shun Al Gore" after he sold Current TV to Al-Jazeera.
New Data Shows Record Use of Dubious Carbon Credits | Scoop News
“95% of all JI offset credits issued to date originate from JI track one which is notorious for its weak environmental integrity and lack of international regulatory oversight” said Carbon Market Watch Director Eva Filzmoser “The use of these credits further weakens the ability of the EU-ETS to protect the climate because substandard offset credits increase global emissions.”
NZ carbon stable in lacklustre trading - News - Point Carbon
BEIJING, May 9 (Reuters Point Carbon) - Spot permits in New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) barely budged this week, closing Thursday at NZ$2.03, up 3 cents from last week while liquidity fell amid waning interest.
Joe Biden Tells Supporter He Opposes Keystone Pipeline, But Is "In The Minority," She Says
Vice President Joe Biden told a South Carolina environmental activist Friday that he opposes a controversial oil pipeline from Canada, but said he is "in the minority" inside the Obama administration, according to the activist's account of the conversation.
Column - Combet announces the death of the warming scare | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
I watched the global warming scare this week drowning in a pool of red ink, right on my television screen.
I don’t just mean Climate Change Minister Greg Combet being forced yesterday to eat his mendacious words, having blown a gigantic hole in the Budget .
First there was Monday night’s Q&A on the ABC, where students fired earnest questions at Prime Minister Julia Gillard on such things as bad sexism, poor boat people, and evil Israel.
But not one of these well-coached idealists asked a question on global warming.
When Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister faced students on Q&A in 2010, he was asked at least a dozen.

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