Thursday, May 09, 2013

Guy who "doesn’t want to be painted as an alarmist" and "goes out of his way not to be hyperbolic" compares the danger of trace amounts of CO2 to the danger of Nazi Germany

Even in the best-case scenario, climate change will kick our asses | Grist
Ask Dr. Andrew Guzman, a professor of international law at U.C. Berkely [sic], why he decided to write a book about climate change, and he says it’s simple: It’s the biggest issue of our time.

“If I didn’t write about it,” he says, “for my grandkids, I’d sound like somebody who wasn’t interested in Nazi Germany in 1939.”

Gutzman doesn’t want to be painted as an alarmist. That’s why, for the book, Overheated: The human costs of climate change, he assumes that we will see a modest (and increasingly optimistic) 2 degrees centigrade of warming. You know, so as to stay on the conservative side of things.
Overheated is a fascinating read in part because Guzman goes out of his way not to be hyperbolic.

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