Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hillary Clinton Has 'Hard Hitting' Climate Change Chat with Harrison Ford

"We are in a race against time," former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Wednesday night, in an interview with actor Harrison Ford.

"We still live in a state of denial," Clinton suggested, regarding the future impacts of climate change. "We see it, we experience it, but we have a great deal of difficulty in summoning the political will ... to address it."


Harry Dale Huffman said...

Hillary Clinton (who I would have voted for in 2008--and I voted Democratic from 1976 through 2004) is a leader in the Insane Left (my term for what I see in the Democratic party leadership, and in its political base, who are irrational activists in a world that needs rationality more than ever now, primarily because of them). She and they have gone off the rails, and are destroying everything they touch.

Unknown said...

And may I be so bold as to ask by what scientific KNOWLEDGE these two people are speaking? NONE. They are totally devoid of the knowledge it takes to even discuss this issue. Just more fearmongering and dumbing down of all humanity.