Monday, May 27, 2013


Heidi’s Weather On Steroids | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
We don’t really expect any better from her, but it is sad when you cannot get the straight facts from the President of the AMS.
Stop making fun of Poughkeepsie: Climate change will make it a great place to live. - Slate Magazine
In a hotter, drier, less climatically stable future, he said, medium-size towns like Poughkeepsie will be just right. "We'll see people moving to places that are scaled appropriately to our energy diet," he said—communities small enough to walk across, but big enough to pool their resources for needed infrastructure. Poughkeepsie is also close to good farmland and freshwater, he pointed out, and the Hudson might be useful for carbon-free transport too.
Cold Weather Lifts German Energy Demand | Fox Business
energy and water lobby group BDEW said that consumption of natural gas rose 8.7% to 345.2 billion kilowatt-hours in the first quarter of the year as cold weather increased heating demand.
N.Y. 3 Feet of Snow: Reversed Global Warming Causes Unusual Amount of Snowfall on Memorial Day Weekend In New York [PHOTOS] | KpopStarz
See below for photos of the astonishing 3-foot snowfall.
Twitter / pdbuckland: I went hiking with a @penn_state ...
[retweeted by Michael Mann] I went hiking with a geoscientist (not ) who agrees: models have under predicted threats & reality.

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