Friday, May 10, 2013


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Read it & weep BTW Neanderthal fits me better,cause even a neanderthal sees this scam

Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: GFS maintains double shot of ...
GFS maintains double shot of arctic love ( left) Sunday night rt, from Monday night Double freeze mid may
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: I can not find example this ...
I can not find example this late in year of TWO nights in a row of sub freezing in such a large area of the east. Been trying to find one
Cold weather hits orchids - UK
Cold weather has delayed the opening of Jersey's Orchid Field which normally opens to the public during the bank holiday weekend.
CO2 levels hit new peak at key observatory -
"Once emitted, it remains for the ocean atmosphere system for thousands of years, warming the planet. It changes climate and is driving ocean acidification all that time," said Jim Butler, a senior scientist at NOAA.
"It also is kind of a warning sign or red flag that hey, we really need to tackle this problem," [well-traveled warmist Marshall Shepherd] said. "It's happening right before our eyes."
Butler likens the phenomenon to an electric blanket. When you turn the dial, it takes a little while to warm up. It's as if humans have turned the dial on Earth's blanket, and we'll feel the heat only in a matter of time.

"Even if we stopped emitting CO2, temperatures would still rise for at least a decade or two because the system has to catch up with it," Butler said.

Most carbon dioxide is in the Northern Hemisphere, because most people on the planet live in these parts, Butler said.
You might be wondering how the planet could be warming if this past winter has been relatively cool.
Shepherd explains that weather is akin to mood, but climate is analogous to personality. Weather changes a lot, but climate is something more fundamental, causing overall patterns.
While it's impossible to say that any particular event was "caused by global warming," says Shepherd, climate change loads the deck, making extreme events such as last year's Superstorm Sandy more likely.
Brazil's shift back to coal alarms green groups - News - Point Carbon
SAO PAULO, May 10 (Reuters Point Carbon) – The Brazilian government opened its upcoming energy auction to electricity from coal-fired plants this week, and drew fire from environmental groups who accused the government of rolling back its highly touted climate policies.

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