Sunday, May 12, 2013


Ice Fishing in May | Power Line
When the pine trees are still crusted with snow in May, I don’t care how inured you are to Minnesota weather, there is misery in the sound of the wind.
Central New York two-day cold snap, frost is possible |
How badly a plant is affected is both a function of temperature, and length of time of exposure.
Sun News : Al Gore, carbon hypocrite
[Lorrie Goldstein] Gore's 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth, for which he won the Nobel Prize and an Academy Award, is a train wreck when it comes to scientific accuracy. It wrongly projects massive sea level rises which no credible scientific body supports and constantly confuses "weather" and "climate." It inaccurately blames individual weather events, such as specific hurricanes, on man-made global warming, and misleadingly links anthropogenic climate change solely to such hot weather phenomena as heat waves and droughts. In fact, climate experts say, global warming can also cause record snowfalls and cold snaps. Finally, the movie glosses over the enormous threat to human health and well-being of suddenly moving industrialized economies off fossil fuels, and of preventing developing nations from using fossil fuels to industrialize.

Indeed, the real inconvenient truth about Al Gore is that he is a carbon-spewing hypocrite who has been getting a free ride - particularly from an uncritical Canadian media - for far too long.
China 'Moving to Lead on Climate Change,' Says Report | Climate Central
Professor Flannery says: “China has halved its growth in electricity demand… [and] is quickly moving to the top of the leader board on climate change.”

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