Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bishop Hill reviewers rip into AMS warmist/debate avoider Marshall Shepherd's global warming hoax sales pitch

- Bishop Hill blog - Marshalling the most bizarre arguments
This TED talk by American Meteorological Society president Marshall Shepherd is hilarious. You might have expected the big man to marshall some of the most powerful and incisive arguments around. Instead, El Pres cites what he calls "The Hockey Stick", but is actually the Marcott paper: you remember, the one with what the authors diplomatically call a "non-robust" blade (critics are much, much ruder). We get The Day After Tomorrow cited, apparently in all scientific seriousness, we get biofuels lauded as core to an "energy renaissance". I'm completely bemused as to how he thinks that saying "climate and weather are different" slays an argument that you can't trust climate models...
[comment by SimonW] Yet another deeply unimpressive "leading climate scientist".

His style reminds me of the God channel preachers, smug certainty covering a shallow understanding, all presented in that faux jokey manner. Yuk!

He really does present Marcott doesn't he? Wow. Send him this link and see if he understands it:

And his "debunking" is some of the funniest ever, it has to be seen to be believed. Does he really fall for it himself?

Add in pictures of his grandkids and some 4-10 degree predictions and it's the complete comedy package. Bravo.

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Unknown said...

Unfortunately, there will be those (politicians and media) that accept this at face value and it must be correct as its the President of the AMS one of the 97%!! The concern is that he cannot possibly believe what he is saying - so why is he saying it?