Friday, July 26, 2013

Social anthropology major Gina McCarthy will begin fossil-fueled travel around the country to sell the climate hoax; Barbara Boxer is organizing a fossil-fueled “climate trip” around California to visit communities "experiencing wildfires due to climate"

Dems’ recess game plan: Push climate message - Print View
“The Democrats should seize the opportunity to contrast themselves with the nihilistic House Republicans by advocating solutions to these challenges — including climate change,” said Daniel Weiss, senior fellow and director of climate strategy for the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Organizing for Action, the successor to Obama’s campaign arm, is planning a “national action” day Aug. 13, which will focus on climate change.
Ivan Frishberg, climate change campaign manager at OFA, said the group is organizing events in the states and districts of the 135 lawmakers it has labeled “climate deniers” as part of the action day. The events are aimed at “holding them accountable” for questioning climate science, he said.
“With these folks, it’s hard to get to a conversation about solutions when they deny the science,” Frishberg said.
The Obama administration has launched its own campaign to sell the climate plan, with the president dispatching key members of his administration — including newly confirmed EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz — to take part in “an aggressive outreach effort,” a White House official said in an email.
Starting next week, McCarthy will begin traveling around the country to discuss the importance of acting on climate change....Barbara Boxer told POLITICO she is organizing a “climate trip” around California during the recess.
“I’m going to some of the communities that are experiencing wildfires due to climate,” Boxer said.

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mikegeo said...

I'd like Boxer to tell those she visits how they will be able to differentiate those fires "due to climate", from those fires caused by lightening, cigarettes and other causes.
I'd also like her to tell them just how many fires will be eliminated by signing onto her and Obama's plan for reducing CO2. And how much the temperature will drop through same actions.
Would make fascinating listening I'm sure.