Thursday, August 01, 2013

"Civilization as we know it may even be at risk": With the US murder rate on track to be the lowest in a century, warmists suggest that CO2 causes "increased murder"

A UN IPCC Scientist’s New Study! ‘Global Warming Sparks Fistfights & War, Researchers Say’: ‘Will systematically increase the risk of many types of conflict ranging from barroom brawls & rape to civil wars & international disputes’ — Climate Depot Responds | Climate Depot

BBC News - Rise in violence 'linked to climate change'
The researchers say they are now trying to understand why this causal relationship exists.
Hot and bothered: Climate change amplifies violence, study says - NBC
As the planet's climate changes, humans everywhere should brace for a spike in violence, a new study suggests. Civilization as we know it may even be at risk.
Climate can promote conflict, according to researchers |
"The world will be a very violent place by mid-century if climate change continues as projected," said Thomas Homer-Dixon, a professor of diplomacy at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Ontario.
Increased murder and war linked to climate change -
As Hsiang points out, the results could go a long way toward convincing people that climate change can directly affect their lives. We just need to make it all about us, and our unwillingness to get murdered.
May 2013: The US Murder Rate Is on Track to Be Lowest in a Century | Mother Jones

Crime in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the long term, violent crime in the United States has been in decline since colonial times
Oct. 2012: U.S. violent crime down for fifth straight year -
(CNN) -- Violent crime in the United States fell for the fifth consecutive year in 2011 with murder, rape and robbery all going down

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