Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pointman: IPCC report "a fundamentally dishonest one...In political terms, AR5 was actually the incoherent and rambling suicide note of the IPCC"

In the aftermath of AR5. | Pointman's
In short, when considered from a scientific viewpoint, I consider it not just a flawed document but a fundamentally dishonest one. It was just thinly disguised advocacy.
Of course it was not aimed at the general public but the ruling political establishment. However, politicians are extremely sensitive to swings in public sentiment on any issue, so will always think twice about endorsing anything their electorates not only don’t care about any more but have now come to actively dislike. That sort of process is called democracy, which is why a number of climate activists would like it suspended in the name of saving the planet.
Glacial though it may be, the mainstream media is increasingly swinging over to the skeptic viewpoint, if only for slightly cynical circulation reasons and anyway, giving a bunch of holier than thou prats a good drubbing always goes down well with the average reader.
We’ve just witnessed the embarrassing and public humiliation of climate science as a field of honest scientific endeavour. It has lost all claim to be taken seriously and is now tarred with the same pathological science brush that aberrations like Lysenkoism or Eugenics were. It’s now up to the non-activist scientists in the field, who’ve stayed silent for far too long, to save it from that fate by speaking out and reclaiming their field from fanatics posing as scientists. As Elvis said, it’s now or never.

In political terms, AR5 was actually the incoherent and rambling suicide note of the IPCC.


Anonymous said...

I said this at WUWT on the 27th:

"I liken the SPM to a pre election speech by the UK’s Neil Kinnock some years ago. It was full of similar bravado and fired up all the believers but was later described as ‘the longest suicide note in history’."

Stephen Wilde

Unknown said...

You know the report is a complete load of bs when even the Obama admits ration doesn't mention it.

Mervyn Sullivan said...

If we were talking about a corporation, the directors would face charges for engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct, and the report would have to be withdrawn.