Sunday, September 29, 2013

Warmist Steve Easterbrook: “None of the climate skeptics have climate models"; climate models used by the IPCC are run on supercomputers that skeptics don’t have access to

Why deniers believe global warming isn’t a problem
Many of those who deny climate change claim to have their own climate models. However, Steve Easterbrook, a computer science professor at the University of Toronto, who has studied climate change models, begs to differ. “None of the climate skeptics have climate models,” said Easterbrook. “Certainly not sophisticated simulations of the physics of the atmosphere and oceans, which is what goes into a climate model… They might use a statistical model where essentially they take some data and they look for trend lines on it.” Easterbrook also said that climate models used by the IPCC are run on supercomputers that skeptics don’t have access to.


Sean said...

Given the track record of the computer models in predicting global trends and regional trends, acces to super computers is more likely a bug rather than a feature.

chris y said...


That was my first reaction!


papertiger said...

here's the dirty little truth of it. Climate scientists don't have sophisticated models of the climate either.

It's like today, Sunday Sept. 29th, 2013. On Friday , based on NOAA's best supercomputer prognotism, the newspaper predicted it would be raining today.

Sunday's paper, based on NOAA's best computer prognosis says it might rain Monday.

Sunday it's sunny partly cloudy.

SO Easterbrook you are just kidding yourself. You don't have sophisticated climate models either.

Anonymous said...

Supercomputers. That's hardware. It confers no validation of the software.

Susan Fraser said...

But we can read graphs and any child could see the model projections and observed data don't match

Thanks to Dr Roy Spencer for spelling this out

Anonymous said...

Remember the 2008 crash? The masters of the universe swore that their computers had the better of economic theory and then what happened?
Computers solve nothing, life has a funny way with computers - it trashes them.
Steve Easterbrook really needs to get out more and get some real weather.


Anonymous said...

I doubt if IPCC has access to reality.

timg56 said...

Who needs a super computer when you have a thermometer?

papertiger said...

It didn't rain on Monday either.