Monday, October 14, 2013


Clean Energy Investment Headed for Second Annual Decline - Bloomberg
Investment in the quarter was 20 percent lower than the same period last year as spending in China, the U.S. and Europe fell. The U.S. saw the largest decline, sliding 41 percent to $5.5 billion, according to the London-based research company.
The Norwegian shift to the right: 10 short lessons on The Progress Party | openDemocracy
8) They are anti-green. Does The Progress Party leadership think human beings have caused climate change for real? It’s hard to tell, but they certainly aren’t worried about it, and strive to appeal to those voters who refuse to accept the uncomfortable reality.

Their current line has evolved to admitting there is some climate change, probably partly due to human influence, but they don’t think it’s a major cause, and keep referring to the ostensibly “big controversy among scientists” on the issue.
Twitter / AndrewDessler: Watched #LeagueOfDenial on ...
Watched #LeagueOfDenial on Frontline. Was blown away by parallels between NFL's concussion "skepticism" and climate "skepticism".
Twitter / AndrewDessler: This article on flood insurance ...
This article on flood insurance details one of the millions of ways that climate change will make us poorer:

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Anonymous said...

Flood insurance is run by government because it would cost too much if run privately. What is happening is recognition of cost. "Climate change" has nothing to do with it.