Thursday, November 21, 2013


Warsaw Climate Talks Go Up in Smoke
Each carriage was organized by different environmental and left-wing groups, with two stewards appointed to each. While organizers had hoped for 500 passengers, more than 750 rode the climate justice train to Warsaw. Each carriage was adorned with banners, flags and posters proclaiming the politics of different groups
Record snowfall takes Canadian city by surprise
“Williams Lake has never seen more snow fall in a 24-hour period than it did last Friday between Nov. 15 and Nov. 16,” says this article in the Williams Lake Tribune.
The Reference Frame: Harvard's IOP: global warming is caused by Prius owners
How do they do it? They do so by creating "tokenism", a false impression that some societal problem is being wrestled with even though it is not. They should burn their Prii and allow the problem to be really solved.
Exclusive: Greenpeace Leader Kumi Naidoo's COP19 Walkout Message For Governments "Playing Political Poker" With Planet's Future | DeSmogBlog
Leading the front of the line of WWF International delegates was Tasneem Essop, of WWF South Africa. As she made her way out, she told DeSmogBlog she felt a combination of "anger and frustration". "Governments have come here with no strong mandate to fight climate change," she said.

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Beale said...

I don't understand why the organizers of the conference could have thought it was a good idea to invite these "environmental and left-wing groups" to be present in the first place.