Thursday, November 14, 2013

Warmist John Vidal on COP meetings: "It is done in a complete miasma of secrecy and corridor stuff...It's a shambles frankly...something out of the 18th century almost"

Climate talks: will COP19 help poor countries? – podcast transcript
JV The problem, actually, is you don't know what the fine words are because most of the meetings in these COPs – these huge, huge conferences – are secret. You never hear. You don't have access to them, there's no reportage. It is almost impossible to find out exactly what is going on. If anyone ever tells you at a COP that is or that is happening they're wrong. Nobody knows, it is done in a complete miasma of secrecy and corridor stuff, and bits get let out here and there and wherever. It's a shambles frankly. The UN, the way it organises these things is something out of the 18th century almost. The diplomats are not accountable, the delegations keep themselves to themselves, nobody talks to each other, journalists basically are spoon-fed stuff by their governments. And so there is very, very little real understanding of the scale of what's happening or the importance of what is happening. So I think a big part of the problem, actually, is the meetings themselves.

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Doug Proctor said...

That is what happens when the critical issue is positioning, not solving a problem.