Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Claim: Solar, AMO, & PDO cycles combined reproduce the global climate of the past | Watts Up With That?
The present “stagnation” of global temperature ( Fig. 5 ) is essentially due to the AMO/PDO: the solar de Vries cycle is presently at its maximum, around which it changes negligibly. The AMO/PDO is presently beyond its maximum, corresponding to the small decrease of global temperature. Its next minimum will be 2035. Due to the de Vries cycle the global temperature will drop until 2100 to a value corresponding to the “little ice age” of 1870.
Mann-Made Climate Change In 1907 | Real Science
Shock news. UHI accounts for the entire hockey stick.
16 Signs That “Global Warming” Was A Lie And That We Have Now Entered A Period Of Global Cooling
the number one factor affecting our climate is the giant ball of fire called the Sun that our planet revolves around.

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