Saturday, December 21, 2013


Heidi Central Continues To Slime Their Readers | Real Science
The Heidi slime team wanted a red map, so they picked the start as the 1970′s ice age scare – including three of the coldest winters on record in the US.

If we go back to the 1930′s, winter temperatures have declined 0.5C. The map would be almost solid blue. Three of the ten coldest winters have occurred since the year 2000.
When Political Stunts Go Wrong.. And Give You Pneumonia -
Two days into his three-day experience of living as a homeless person, sleeping on subways and visiting shelters, Queens City Council member Ruben Wills came down with a case of pneumonia.
The Climate Elusion | Omnologos
It was surface temps before it was heat hiding in the deep oceans. It was decreasing snow before it was increasing snow. It was ice extent before it was ice volume. Etc etc. Whatever happens, there is always a new story devised/concocted to “explain” that whatever is happening is wholly compatible with AGW and especially with the “it’s worse than we thought” meme.

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