Monday, December 23, 2013


Global Warming Scientist Warns Florida Will Be Under Water
Professor Wanless has expressed his frustration with current engineering plots to remedy the problems that could arise from future flooding, and insists that the best solution at this point is simply to move inland and stop all further development along the coastline.
1983 : Snow Was A Thing Of The Past In New York | Real Science
CO2 is a powerful and sneaky substance. Thirty years ago it caused floods in Arizona and snow-free winters in New York. Now it causes droughts in Arizona and heavy snow in New York.
Rethinking climate advocacy | Climate Etc.
Even if you believe that CO2 is the dominant control knob on climate change on timescales of decades to centuries, how is it a ‘fact’ to state that this must be dealt with by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (rather than by adaption, carbon sequestration or geoengineering)? And there is a missing element in this argument that warming is ‘bad’, which is a value judgment and has nothing to do with science.

This belief that CO2 mitigation follows logically from the science is part of what I have called the UNFCCC/IPCC ideology.

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