Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Defining CO2 As A Pollutant Is The Worst Kind Of Lie…We Really Don’t Have Much In The Atmosphere
Why the continuous negativity? Rejoice! Abundance surrounds us! More CO2 in the atmosphere fertilizes our crops, as those crops labor to use it up. On a warm, windless afternoon in a cornfield, photosynthesis slows because all the available CO2 gets consumed. If there is more of it in the beginning, this doesn’t happen. In a closed greenhouse, CO2 must be added to the air or growth slows as it is used up. If extra CO2 is added, growth is faster than in an open field, a lot faster. Defining CO2 as a pollutant is the worst kind of lie.
GISS 1997 : 80% Of Northern Hemisphere Warming Occurred Prior To 1940 | Real Science
In 1997, GISS showed 0.8ºC warming in the Northern Hemisphere from 1885 to 1940 – when CO2 was 310 PPM. Over the next 45 years, only 0.2ºC additional warming has occurred.
99% Certainty Update | Real Science
In 1997, GISS showed that the Southern Hemisphere warmed from 1882 to 1910. Now they show the exact opposite.
A Spectacular Pile Of BS From Hansen In 1986 | Real Science
If he meant to say 90 degree days, they have dropped dramatically since 1895 and are now below 30/year for the first time. Hansen has absolutely no clue what he is talking about.

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