Friday, December 27, 2013


Climate-Science Boatpeople, In Search Of Global Warming Signs, Trapped In Thousands Of Kilometers Of Sea Ice!
The metaphor just couldn’t be more fitting: desperate true believers of global warming and accelerating polar ice melt now find themselves trapped by thousands of square kilometers of summertime sea ice that wasn’t supposed to be there.

No picture could better symbolize and communicate the intellectual bankruptcy and disillusionment of a faithful group who refuse to believe they have been led astray. This has to be deeply embarrassing, if not outright humiliating.
Unions must defend climate | Vancouver Observer
if corporations were people they would be diagnosed as psychopaths. They are ruthless in the single-minded pursuit of profit. Psychopaths feel no empathy for their victims. They do not care if the consequences of their actions could soon be the overheating of our planet to the degree that our grandchildren no longer have a habitable environment...Without the basics of life, being able to buy more things is meaningless.
Liberal run Ontario a ‘green energy laboratory’ : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery
Ezra Levant discusses the total failure of the Ontario Liberal government’s green energy policies with PC MPP and shadow Energy Minister Lisa MacLeod.

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