Thursday, December 19, 2013


This is /R/Science, No Debating Here Please | FrontPage Magazine
Banning debate does not move science forward. It kills it. But that’s the whole objective of the Global Warming scam. Kill the scientific method, replace it with ideology backed by bogus numbers that you won’t release until someone leaks them, and lies upon lies, covered up by bans.

This is what’s left of science. There’s no debating allowed.
The Reference Frame: Reddit: a major "share a random URL" server bans climate skeptics
Mr Allen recommends the whole Internet to follow the "role model" and ban climate skeptics. It's a pretty tall order for a bunch of a few dozens of fanatical nuts like himself to cut something like five billion people from the Internet.
Hunger Games and Climate Games
The children are being indoctrinated in a scientifically meaningless ritual of minding their tiny carbon footprints. I

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