Thursday, December 19, 2013


North Korea’s Green Energy Enthusiasm Is Exactly What The UN, Climate Activists Would Love To See – No Dissent!
This is precisely the kind of enthusiasm the whole world would see – were it not for those damn dissenters and flat-earth deniers ruining everything!
Critics blast Reddit over climate-change skeptic ban | Fox News
“The greenies -- and their many useful idiots in the liberal media -- are terrified of open debate on climate-change because the real world evidence long ago parted company with their scientifically threadbare theory,” Delingpole told, arguing that Allen’s tactic is part of a “classic liberal defense mechanism: If the facts don't support you, then close down the argument.”
Eleven Key Sustainability Questions | Planet3.0
Do we have to give up on fossil fuels entirely
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Observations show IPCC exaggerates anthropogenic global warming by a factor of 7
A compilation of at least 13 studies based upon satellite and ocean observations demonstrate climate sensitivity to a doubling of CO2 levels after all climate feedbacks is only about 0.4 C, 7.5 times less than the 3C claimed by the IPCC.

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