Thursday, December 19, 2013


Two people killed by cold weather in Uttaradit
UTTARADIT, 19 December 2013 (NNT) - Uttaradit provincial authorities have reported that two people have been killed by the cold weather so far.
Summer heatwave at South Pole sets records | Summit County Citizens Voice
In August, for example, the average temperature for the month was more than 11 degrees Fahrenheit above average, at minus 63.9 degrees Fahrenheit.
The interior Antarctic heatwave are likely linked with weaker westerly winds
Al Gore Forgot To Add ‘To Seven’ About A Thing So Climate Change A Hoax Haw Haw
(Presumably we’ll be telling our grandchildren this story while huddled around a sun lamp deep within the abandoned salt mine we retreated to when global climate change made the planet’s surface an inhospitable hellscape with an atmosphere made up mostly of carbon dioxide and solar radiation.)

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