Sunday, December 29, 2013


India: Monsoon in 2013 Sets Ground for Record Grain Production
The agriculture sector bounced back in 2013 after a drought year as the country is set to harvest record foodgrain production of 260 million tonnes because of good monsoons and achieve 5 per cent growth.
This year's crop freezing on the vines |
Only twice since 2009 have valley grape growers seen a full crop.

“Merlot doesn’t like it that cold,” Caspari noted.
$400,000 seats can ensure a warm Super Bowl -
Robert Tuchman, president of the sports and entertainment marketing company Goviva, said he's seen suites available on the secondary market for as much as $600,000, a price that may increase with each winter storm that rolls up the U.S. East Coast between now and game day on Feb. 2. This is the first Super Bowl to be held in a cold-weather city without a domed stadium.
Stricken Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy with Aussie scientists aboard is playing the waiting game in Antarctica |
there is no guarantee it will be able to reach the Russian ship and tests done by the scientists on board the vessel have found that the frozen wasteland encasing its hull is now between 3m and 4m thick.

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