Thursday, December 19, 2013


- Bishop Hill blog - AR5 inquiry - written evidence
From the establishment side of the debate there are submissions from the Met Office, the Grantham Institute, the Royal Society, the Royal Meteorological Society and DECC. These are what you might call "brazen", a shameless chorus of claims that the science is "even more certain than before". The models can fail completely, study after study can show that climate sensitivity is lower than previously thought, the long-predicted increase in extreme weather can fail to materialise and yet scientists are are more confident than ever that they are right.
How to kill the scientific method the reddit way - Boston environmental policy |
Allen has now bestowed upon himself judge and jury of what is antiscientific, willing to forget that science is littered with the skeletons of what was once considered anti-establishment, only to be disproved later by facts and observations. From washing hands before surgery to tectonic plate movements to landing on the moon and so forth.

He makes the ridiculous claim that global warming, a.k.a. climate change, is settled science and that, "as a site, reddit is passionately dedicated to free speech…"


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More confident is like more pregnant.

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"as a site, reddit is passionately dedicated to free [fettered] speech…"