Thursday, January 02, 2014


At least there’s one positive thing happening because of climate change | Grist
The high-altitude Indian region of Ladakh, a chunk of the state of Kashmir that is home to many refugees from neighboring Tibet, is experiencing an agricultural boom as warmer weather sweeps up the mountainsides.
Bill Nye Wants To Wage War on Anti-Science Politics, Make a Movie—And Save the Planet From Asteroids | Mother Jones
When I ask Nye about what he considers his current top-three political passions, he responds: "Climate change, raise the standard of women around the world through education, asteroids."
Global Warming Model Estimates Major Reductions In Seafloor Marine Life By 2100
An international team of scientists predicts that seafloor dwelling marine life will decline by up to 38 percent in the North Atlantic and over five percent globally over the next century, due to global warming.

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