Thursday, April 02, 2015

Guardian surveys nearly 50 "green" companies; finds just three of them support Obama's Clean Power Plan

Why Corporate America is reluctant to take a stand on climate action | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

The survey consisted of calls and emails to nearly 50 corporations that work with three environmental groups – Environmental Defense Fund, The Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund US – that have identified the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan as a top priority. These are Fortune 500 global companies that tout their sustainability efforts and celebrate their environmental partnerships.
Just three of them – Starbucks, Mars and Google – support the Clean Power Plan, which is a cornerstone of the Obama administration’s climate change efforts. Caterpillar and CSX Corp, a coal-carrying railroad, oppose the EPA plan. The vast majority take no position.

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Tom, I had said earlier that I kind of liked your old blogspot page better than twitter (because of its more detailed entries really), but I have recently taken to reading your twitter page and like that as well. And I can definitely see why you prefer it as it gives you a more interactive platform. Bottom line is that I'm really upset that the leftist twitter has suspended your account.

If you didn't see it, Steven Goddard covered your twitter suspension here:

If it's just a matter of deleting a single tweet I'd say suck up your pride and cave on that. We are losing certain battles but hopefully winning the war, maybe. The most important thing is that now you would be back on twitter, until you find a better platform.

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