Thursday, April 02, 2015

Huge, preposterous lie still on Apple's web site: "All our data centers are powered by 100 percent renewable energy sources"

Why does the mainstream media allow fraud like that to go unchallenged? Buying some certificates to pretend wind is powering a data center does NOT change reality if they're still using coal-fired grid power.
Apple – Environmental Responsibility – Climate Change
All our data centers are powered by 100 percent renewable energy sources, which result in zero greenhouse gas emissions
2012: Two Views on Apple's Coal-Powered Data Center | MIT Technology Review
Apple is feeling heat from Greenpeace today. The environmental group singled out the image-conscious IT leader for building data centers in regions that rely heavily on coal in its yearly report rankings of cloud computing companies. Apple gets 55 percent of its power from coal, according to Greenpeace, which is about the same as the nation’s overall energy mix, but higher than all other 14 ranked companies.
More and more, West Coast tech companies are building their U.S. facilities on the east coast and around Chicago, where coal power is plentiful and cheap. Greenpeace criticized Apple because it has no data center policy that takes clean energy into account. The company got an “F” grade for infrastructure siting as its iCloud data center rises in Maiden, North Carolina, where the local utility Duke Energy relies mostly on coal and nuclear power. Apple, shot back in a statement calling Greenpeace’s claims exaggerated. It noted its North Carolina center will draw more than 60 percent of its electricity from on-site solar panels and fuel cells and that it is building a 100 percent renewable data center in Oregon.

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