Friday, May 02, 2008

Frost Damage Emerges Across Northern California

Frost Damage Emerges Across Northern California
Farmers throughout Northern California are saying April temperatures and the hard freeze at the end of last month are the coldest they've seen in decades. At the end of April, temperatures plunged into the 20s throughout many Northern California growing areas. Crop protection measures didn't always save orchards and vineyards from the worst effect of the cold.

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Anonymous said...

I farm 165 acres in Mendocino county. The evening of Sunday, April 20 this year we had an historic freeze. Temperatures dropped to 23 degrees and our frost protection wasn't enough. We had (est.)35% crop loss. Arctic air came down and didn't mix with the coastal air as it usually does. This adds to a string of bad years. I'm wiped out. No cultivation money left. It's time to tell the bank.