ClimateGate--see "outed" emails here

Aug. 2022 update: The "old" ClimateGate search engines have disappeared, but the emails live on 

You can use Google site-search on the files above as in this example.

If you find something interesting, please email me.

A list of my ClimateGate postings:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Such a work! The title should change everyday from 250+ until 5000+!
It is a parasite-gate, and its arrogants will follow ALL feardom collapses.

Poutine et Tigrou and Mister T said...

Oh merci bien. LE climategate n'est pas très parlé en France, mais quelques spécialistes en parle c'est dur de remettre en question le liar AL GORE pig of finances greenwashing. Congratulations for work. Kiss of France.

Unknown said...

This is masterful work. I read Mckitrick and McIntyre's takedown of the hockey stick. The three of you deserve the Order of Canada. Michael Mann's reputation should be in the toilet but these things take time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

ncdave4life said...

The full collection of all Climategate emails and other files can be found on my web site, here:

I'd very much like someone to mirror it, for redundancy. Tom, would you like to do that?

There used to be several full copies of those files online, but "as for knowledge, it will pass away," and most of them are gone, now. Mine is the only copy left online that I'm aware of. That makes me uncomfortable.

If you'd like to mirror them, I'd be delighted to work with you to make that happen. My server runs Linux and Apache, so a simple rsync process should be able to do it. (Or we could just copy them once, and not worry about the very minor updates that I occasionally make, which are mostly just to the comments on the index page.)

The folder is 700 MB (or nearly 800 MB if you don't use symlinks to avoid duplications).

Drop me an email if you're interested. My contact info is on my site.

To anyone else on the realist / lukewarmist side of the climate debate who is reading this, if you'd like to mirror those Climategate files on your server, please contact me.