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Email 176, Jan 2008, more settled science: Phil Jones seems alarmed at the "solar constant" being changed "from 1366.5 to 1361!!"

Email 176

date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 15:18:51 -0700 from: Caspar Ammann subject: Re: pdf to:


will do. And regarding TSI, it looks like that 1361 or 1362 (+/-) are going to be the new consensus. All I hear is that this seems to be quite robust. Fodder for the critics: all these modelers, they always put in too much energy - no wonder it was warming - and now they want to reduce the natural component? The SORCE meeting is going to be on that satellite stuff but also about climate connections : Sun-Earth. Tom Crowley is going to be there, Gavin Schmidt, David Rind, and a few others; of course Judith.

Thanks for Bo Vinther's manuscript!


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OK. Keep me informed. Also I'd like to know more the conclusions of the meeting you're going to on the solar constant. Just that it can change from 1366.5 to 1361!!

Cheers, Phil

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