Saturday, January 14, 2012

Email 4713, Phil Jones, April 2009: Solar "constant" is now 1361, most models have 1366-1370; "Not that keen on tipping points!"; "there has been a dramatic decline in [relative humidity] in the past 3 years (this is very, very new!)"

Email 4713

Solar Constant now is 1361 W/m*m! AR5 runs will go with whatever they have now, as it will take modelling centres 1-2 years to retune their models. Most have 1366-1370!...Not that keen on tipping points!
...CRU datasets are used by many as there source of what is happening...- explaining why there has been a dramatic decline in RH in the past 3 years (this is very, very new!)...
I do think the skeptics are going to make a big effort in the coming year or two. Science may appear to be done and dusted, but there are still loads of skeptics out there.


A miniature Christmas tree bulb dissipates about 1 watt, mostly as heat. Human-made greenhouse gases provide almost 2 watts of heat per square meter of Earth's surface.

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