Friday, December 02, 2011

Phil Jones, 1996: Piers Corbyn is the British equivalent of Pat Michaels/Fred Singer/Bob Balling/Dick Lindzen

ClimateGate FOIA grepper!

PS Britain seems to have found it's Pat Michaels/Fred Singer/Bob Balling/ Dick Lindzen. Our population is only 25 % of yours so we only get 1 for every 4 you have. His name in case you should come across him is Piers Corbyn. He is nowhere near as good as a couple of yours and he's an utter prat but he's getting a lot of air time at the moment. For his day job he teaches physics and astronomy at a University and he predicts the weather from solar phenomena. He bets on his predictions months ahead for what will happen in Britain. He now believes he knows all there is to know about the global warming issue. He's not all bad as he doesn't have much confidence in nuclear-power safety. Always says that at the begining of his interviews to show he's not all bad !

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