Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Email 2974: Why was journalist Roger Harrabin evidently at a Tyndall Advisory Board meeting, and why was he asking for something more pro-active?

- Bishop Hill blog - A meeting of the Tyndall advisory board

[John Shepherd] We had an interesting debate on [setting up a website to counter sceptic arguments ] at the Tyndall Advisory Board last week, and the consensus was very much in line with your views, except for the journalist present (Roger Horobin), who wanted something more pro-active. I am more sympathetic to his view than most of you, I think, but the question is what more would be useful, effective, and not too burdensome ? So far I don't think I have identified anything, but I do think that the sort of web-page mentioned above would be a start, and so I am copying this to Asher Minns, for him to consider and discuss with John & Mike at Tyndall Central.

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