Sunday, November 27, 2011

Questions for UEA's Mike Hulme: What was Greenpeace's "Sceptics Project" for journalists and campaigners, and what were the details of your consultancy fee?

Email 2187

[1997] from: subject: Sceptics Project to:
2. When reasonably could you deliver?

3. As explained, preferred format would be a one/two sentence quick reply, followed by a 2/3 par more focused explanation/justification, including where necessary any IPCC quotes. Although there will be a final drafting here by Greenpeace, still useful to remember the target gropup - the final paper is aimed at non-specialist journalists who will be covering Kyoto, & non science graduate GP Campaigners worldwide who are likely to have to field questions

4. Let me know your sense of consultancy fee - or how long it will take - so that I can start organising payment this end

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