Thursday, February 02, 2012

Email 1636, June 2002: "Fairly thrilling" climate hoax game in development; it'll allegedly help the UN and the World Bank to gain insights; warmist Stephen Schneider is the principal climate advisor

Email 1636

We are currently engaged in a fairly thrilling project involving realtime player interaction with climate models -- an online interactive game. Attached please find a onesheet that will give you basic information about the project. Dr. Schneider is our principal climate advisor.

The purpose of this game is to educate&engage primarily young people worldwide in the intricate interaction between human consumption and lifestyle patterns, and the global climate, and it does so in a rather unique manner...
We've got a solid international team onboard, composed of scientists, business advisors, creative and IT professionals...
We intend to release the game commercially to the mainstream game consumer age 11 and up, but are also planning an academic/government release and a children's version (considerably simpler) on CD ROM. One of the reasons for making an academic/government version of this game is that we would like to use players' own realworld input to help policymakers and various relevant government and non government bodies (UN, WHO, World Bank, etc.), gain an insight into the dynamics of simulated human and climatic activity, particularly insofar as such insight can illuminate human adaptive capacity in the face of significant or threatening climate behaviour. A good potential use of this game would be to gauge how effective the Kyoto Protocol would actually be, in actual human socioeconomic terms.

I met with Dr. Schneider and Dr. Schellnhuber in New York City (on separate occasions, in April and May, respectively), and they were both of the opinion that Tyndall Centre should play an active role in our project.

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