Friday, January 20, 2012

Email 2234, Nov 2009, Phil Jones: "Warming since 1975 to 2008 is slightly more than 1915-44."

Email 2234


Kevin McGrane said...

Note also Phil Jones' hideously incorrect remark on November 2, 2009

"C02 does warm the planet - we'd be 33 deg C cooler if it didn't!"

Even on the assumption that greenhouse gasses, expecially water vapour, warm the planet 33 degC, no careful scientist would ascribe that degree of warming to CO2 alone. It's both scientific nonsense and alarmist.

Bob Armstrong said...

This ubiquitous 33c BS is the junk anti-science which got me involved in this battle in the first place . Does Jones actually have a PhD ?

Jim Karlock said...

Jones: The point is that the rate of change is quicker now than it has ever been
in the past. You can't prove that it isn't.
JK: Pardon me, Phil, you are the one making the claim - it is you job to provide the proof, not demand that others disprove your claim.

Jones: Any millennial series you consider has to be global (not NH) and has to be the whole
calendar year. Most are NH, so your rise has to be even greater in the past than 1979-2005.
JK: What? We have missing data (SH) so the NH has to be much warmer to prove the point??

Hey, Jones, how about you prove your claim that the rate of rise is unusual, in light of the missing data form the SH?

Instead you just make the claim and expect others to disprove it.

Once again a top climate scientist shows a lack of science.


F. said...

Jim Karlock wrote:

"Hey, Jones, how about you prove your claim that the rate of rise is unusual"

He can't. Didn't you hear that the dog ate his data?

You're being too harsh on them gentlemen

They're not doing science... They're practicing grantsmanship. ;-)