Thursday, January 19, 2012

Email 2783, Oct 2007, warmists squabble over which 25 of them will get free, completely unnecessary fossil-fueled trips to Oslo; Trenberth wants his name entered multiple times in a "random" drawing

Email 2783

I am not sure that a random drawing of everyone is the way to go. In particular, there are many of us who have participated in more than the AR4. In a random drawing, does that mean one's name gets entered multiple times to increase the odds? Or wouldn't it make sense to try to do an integral over the reports and select those who have contributed the most, in the same spirit as for those already selected? I make this suggestion with trepidation because I have a vested interest as someone who was a CLA in the SAR, an LA in the TAR, and an LA on the SPM and TS in both. In other words I was in Madrid, and Shanghai, as well as Paris. I know several others who have been involved in multiple reports. I would like to see this experience also considered.

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Pops said...

"Bwaaaaaaa... If you don't let me go, I'll tell my mummy. Bwaaaaaa...."

This one e-mail sums up the man, his mission, and his compatriots if none of them chastised him for his childishness.