Thursday, February 02, 2012

Email 1573, Feb 2004: UEA data fudgers get their ninth successive 3 year grant from the US Department of Energy

Email 1573

See good news below. Janice will get the revised forms done and sent early next week for $175K each year. Presumably you're happy to continue to be on the same arrangement as before. Janice tells me this will have to stop once you reach 65 - well the September after, so Sept 2005 (if I've remembered your birth year OK). I recall you sending an email about this a few months OK, or about your contract with UEA. Once the confirmation comes from DoE I'll be able to extend your contract till September 2005. I can also then fill in the forms I have to here now re contracts. The employment laws change here wrt retirement in 2006 - new EU rules, but this won't affect you. If you'd been a year younger (maybe 2) you might have been able to continue beyond 65. By my reckoning this will be the 9th successive 3 year grant. I have a report on my shelf from 1979/80 (Jim Salinger's name on it as well as yours). This might have been a 2 year one. 3 year contracts seem to have started in 1981.

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