Saturday, January 21, 2012

Email 2368, Dec 2008, Phil Jones proves that he was lying when he later claimed "We've not deleted any emails or data here at CRU"

Email 2368

date: Wed Dec 3 13:31:06 2008 from: Phil Jones
subject: Re: FW: FOI_08-50 ; EIR_08-01 to: "Palmer Dave Mr \(LIB\)"

Dave, Do I understand it correctly - if he doesn't pay the £10 we don't have to respond?

With the earlier FOI requests re David Holland, I wasted a part of a day deleting numerous emails and exchanges with almost all the skeptics. So I have virtually nothing. I even deleted the email that I inadvertently sent. There might be some bits of pieces of paper, but I'm not wasting my time going through these.

Cheers Phil

Phil Jones: Climate hoax promoter Phil Jones: Did I say we *never* deleted any emails? I meant we *did* delete emails

[Jones] We've not deleted any emails or data here at CRU. I would never manipulate the data one bit - I would categorically deny that."

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