Friday, December 23, 2011

Email 4953: Rob Tinch of UEA sends an email to appealing for help (and offering to coordinate transport) regarding a Green Party global warming hoax leafletting campaign

Email 4953

to: "Norwich GP Mailing list" <>, <>

Please read the message below from Martin Harrison of Lincoln Greens, about campaigning on Global Warming in Boston on Saturday 2 December. Boston is one of the UK places at greatest risk from sea level rise and other climate change problems. This is in the Eastern Midlands Euro region, where we polled 5.4% of the vote last time. A big increase is possible: as Martin says "I really think that once the penny drops we will be swimming in votes."

If people are interested in going, please mail the lists, and we'll try to coordinate transport.


Rob ------------------------------------------------------- Rob Tinch School of Environmental Sciences University of East Anglia
-----Original Message----- From: Martin Harrison To: Date: 22 November 2000 21:02 Subject: appeal for help with leafletting

I spoke to Ingo this evening. Please could you distribute this appeal far and wide urgently. At present we have only 2 people to carry out this leafletting in Boston, a week on Saturday.

Basically Boston is THE place in the whole UK that gets the most potential damage from global warming. It gets hit from rising sea, flooding rivers, the farming industry from the UV as the global warming enlargens the ozone hole over the UK.
Thank you
Martin Harrison

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Neshobanakni said...

"Enlargens" ? We all know the correct word is "Embiggens."