Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Email 2504, June 2002: MIke Hulme suggests that Prince Charles might want to invest in an insane plan to convert a coastguard tower into "a centre for awareness of climate change...[which] has a lifetime of up to fifty years before it falls into the sea due to erosion of the coastline"

Email 2504

[Sarah Riviere] I wish to convert the tower into a centre for awareness of climate change. The conversion would allow public access to the tower, including to the viewing level from where a stunning view of the coastline, sea and countryside can be enjoyed. The conversion would make legible the approaching erosion of the cliffs and would document the steps towards the eventual demise of the building as it falls into the sea...
[Mike Hulme] ...Prince
Charles is definitely rich, and has interests in both climate change and architecture. Would have thought the right approach to him might bear fruit

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