Monday, January 16, 2012

Email 4984, June 2008: John Finn presents Phil Jones with some inconvenient data that "doesnt seem to square with the aerosol cooling theory"

So now consider the following data which is from the GISS
(land-only) surface temperature record.

64N-90N -0.93
44N-64N -0.17
24N-44N -0.21
24N-EQU -0.09

The figures show the total cooling for each latitude band for the 32 year period between
1944 and 1975. Note that the cooling is greatest (by far) in the latitudes north of 64
deg and that cooling tends to be less as we get closer to the equator. This is almost a
mirror image of the warming since 1975, i.e. greatest warming at northerly latitudes and
less at the equator. But the important point is that the mid latitudes which include the
big post-war industrialised regions (US and Europe) experienced much less cooling than
the non-industrialised Arctic regions.

This, to me, doesnt seem to square with the aerosol cooling theory.

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