Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Email 4868, Sept '05: IPCC reviewer McIntyre asks to see the data underlying a paper; warmists complain this is a "major abuse of his position"

Email 4868

[McIntyre] I am a reviewer for the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (IPCC 4AR) and am writing in respect to a submission to your journal by D'Arrigo et al., entitled "On the Long-Term Context for Late 20th Century Warming." This article was referenced in chapter 6 of the Draft IPCC 4AR and made available to IPCC reviewers. In the course of my review, I contacted the senior author, Dr. D'Arrigo, for the FTP location of the data used in this article or for alternative access to the data. Dr D'Arrigo categorically refused and I was referred to the journal editor if I desired recourse.

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