Monday, November 28, 2011

Revkin and Phil Jones, sitting in a tree: Revkin volunteers for alarmist damage control

We wouldn't want those pesky voters to find out that the planet isn't overheating!
Climategate 2.0: Revkin volunteers for alarmist damage control |

[Feb 2008] Revkin acts to foil skeptics sharing facts with “Average Joe”.

From the Climategate 2.0 collection, Andy Revkin is concerned that skeptics are fooling stupid Americans with the lack of warming during the 2000s. Out to put the non-warming “in context” he writes Phil Jones:

As you all are aware, a very vocal and plugged-in crew has been making much of the recent downturn in temps. Because the ‘Average Joe’ out there is only hearing radio soundbites about the sun turning off, or cable-news coverage or some stray TV image of snow in baghdad (and particularly with a big ‘skeptics conference’ coming next week), I think it’s important to do a story putting a cold stretch in context against the evidence for the long-term warming trajectory from greenhouse forcing. Would need input from you by end of Thursday ideally. [Emphasis added]
3) Do you see ANY evidence of solar activity playing a role, either background or foreground?
4) Presumably global HEATING is continuing apace, even as global TEMP fluctuates.Is that right...

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